"Scott Goldbaum's guitar work is transient and breathtaking. He plays with experience reminiscent of a long-gone classical era with influences of Spanish guitar juxtaposed with modern indie rock vocals. Goldbaum's brilliant stylings aside..." - the Deli Magazine

"...with Goldbaum’s earnest croons, overall recalling their inspirations of Damien Rice and Jeff Buckley." - Lyynks Music

"Boast both outstanding musicianship and outstanding songs." - TimeOut LA

"Scott Goldbaum on vocals and guitar provided such emotional force behind the lyrics of his songs that I almost needed to take a moment to process everything..." - KX 93.5 FM

"It takes him only four tracks to establish himself in the music scene with an incredible and memorable style." Mind Equals Blown

"It's an exhilarating testament to Goldbaum's abilities that he's able to build such a monolithic piece while simultaneously keeping the song from succumbing to inertia."  Consequence of Sound

"Goldbaum sunk his claws in me so deep he almost drew blood."Baeble Music

"Singer-guitarist Scott Goldbaum sings way up there, but from his words you know he feels it deep down.  He sees tragedy you might choose to ignore."  - Buzzbands LA                    

"But, once in a while, you will meet someone who just radiates integrity and class; someone seemingly unaffected by the superficial Hollywood grind. That leads me to my interview this week: Mr. Scott Goldbaum..." - The Classic Eclectic

"Hazy guitars and melodic hooks - we can't wait to consume even more of his uniquely detailed sound." - The Music Ninja

"Achingly honest lyrics and unassuming rhythm, leaving you with articulate lines and memorable hooks you'll want to hear on repeat." - The Music Rag

"Sixty seconds in and suddenly I'm aware that I don't care about the band I came to see anymore, so long as he keeps singing.  The honesty and passion in his music has the entire audience holding it's breath and when he finally stops, we roar." - Flip Magazine